Secrets of the Keks Slot Machine

Among the audience of casino gamblers, Igrosoft slots enjoy wide popularity. One of the favorite models is the Keks slot machine. Users are drawn to its unconventional plot, interesting bonuses, and unique design. The Keks video slot, also known as “Pechki,” is a variation of the well-known Russian fairy tale about Kolobok. The game features a bonus round, opening up good prospects for players to win.

Secrets of the Keks Video Slot:

Modern slot machines operate on the basis of RNG (Random Number Generator). Therefore, predicting the occurrence of winning combinations is impossible. The use of various strategies does not provide a hundred percent guarantee of victory. However, the Keks slot machine has some secrets that, when known, can help gamblers win more often and claim cash prizes.

First Secret:

The bonus round of the slot involves choosing an item from five options. Each prize can give the player a maximum of 50 total bets. It is worth waiting for the bonus to appear – in theory, at the first stage of the bonus round, you can win up to 250 bets.

Second Secret:

The bonus game of the Keks slot consists of two levels. In the second stage, the gambler has to choose one of two offered items. If the player is lucky enough to reach the final, the theoretical win can be 500 total bets.

Third Secret:

The slot machine has 9 paylines on five reels. Multiple winning combinations are paid out in one spin. The most valuable symbols bring 500, 2000, and 5000 credits in prize sets. When testing the slot, theoretically, one spin can yield 834 total bets.

Fourth Secret:

On each payline of the Keks slot machine, you can bet 90 credits according to the game rules. It is possible to get 612 total bets in one spin. Testing the slot in demo mode shows that the bet size affects the spin results.

Fifth Secret:

The theoretical return-to-player (RTP) coefficient of the slot machine is 94%. Therefore, one should be prepared for long-term play. It is necessary to divide the bankroll into 50-100 bets and persist in the game until the bonus is triggered.

Sixth Secret:

The slot includes a double-or-nothing risk game – the player needs to beat the virtual dealer. Doubling the reward is allowed up to 5 times in a row. It is advisable to continue the risk game when the dealer has low-value cards and avoid risking money if the dealer has a five or six.

Seventh Secret:

The bonus game with the choice of items statistically occurs every 70 spins. In the round, you can get 15-30 total bets in the first stage of the bonus. Entering the final part with the choice of two items occurs approximately on the fiftieth attempt.

Overall, the Keks slot machine is characterized by decent returns. Since the slot has a relatively low RTP percentage, it is necessary to plan the bankroll for a long gaming session and strive to trigger the bonus level.