Key Rules of Playing Roulette in Online Casinos

Despite the extensive variety of slot machines in online casinos, many gamblers opt for their favorite classic: Roulette. It is one of the most popular games in both land-based and virtual establishments. Simple rules, high chances of winning, and decent payout ratios attract millions of players. In roulette, players can place real-money bets, play for free in demo mode, or engage in live casino games with professional dealers.

Features and Varieties of Roulette

Roulette consists of a wheel divided into sectors with numbers. In the classic version, the wheel features numbers from 1 to 36 and a zero sector (European or French model) or two zeros (American roulette). Players place bets on a single number or a group of numbers, a specific color, or the even or odd nature of the number. If the roulette ball stops on the selected segment, the user receives winnings according to the coefficient table. There are several main varieties of roulette:

  • European – simple betting procedure, dynamic rounds;
  • French – if zero comes up, half the bet is returned to the player;
  • American – lower chances of winning due to two zero pockets;
  • Mini-roulette – a wheel with 13 sectors numbered 1-12 and a single zero;
  • Multi-wheel roulette – a challenging but thrilling game;
  • Live roulette – all versions of the game with a real dealer.

In live roulette, the dealer accepts bets, launches the ball, and announces the results of the draw. Live roulette can only be played for real money, while in slot machines, players can use real currency or play for free. Roulette accommodates both inside and outside bets. In the former case, bets are placed on specific numbers and their groups. Outside bets cover the color of the pocket, even or odd numbers, and higher or lower ranges.

Basic Rules of Roulette

The versions of this popular game attract gamblers with fairly simple rules. Players need to place a bet, press start, and wait for the real or virtual ball to stop. If luck is on their side, and it lands in the right pocket, the gambler receives a cash prize calculated according to the coefficient table. The maximum payout in the game is 35:1 for correctly guessing a single number. The basic rules of roulette are:

  • Bets can be placed on numbers, colors, greater or less than, even or odd;
  • Betting amounts should fall within the specified range in each game;
  • Players receive a payout if the ball stops in the correct sector;
  • Inside and outside bets are calculated based on coefficients.

Many players employ strategies when playing roulette. These include the Martingale system, Fibonacci, D’Alembert, and other tactics. While these strategies do not guarantee a hundred percent victory, they help maintain a positive balance and avoid financial losses.